Apple Tablet Video Is 99.9% Well-Done, Illogical Fake

Some guy has posted this video, saying it's the Apple tablet in action. I'd go crazy here for a minute, and say that this is as fake as the iPhone 3G images with 99.9% certainty. And this is why:


First, if it finally materializes, I personally don't think the Apple tablet will be modal. That means one application open at a time taking the whole screen, not multiple windows. And certainly, not multiple windows each with its own stupid mini-keyboard attached. That would not only be illogical. It would be absolutely stupid. Let me explain.

The fact is that Apple has discovered a gold mine with the iPhone and the iPod touch. People who usually are not into computers—who actively hate computers—love the iPhone OS because it's so simple. Its modal nature transforms the device in different tools depending on the application that loads, all following the same basic UI conventions. It's a different mentality that some computer users don't understand, but the zillions of consumers out there love it. That's why the iPhone, the iPod touch, and the application store is such a success.

Apple knows this, and that's why I think their tablet—if it exists—will follow exactly the same user interface model. Otherwise, it's bound to be an inelegant failure, an awkward transvestite of a device. And we know what el Señor Steve thinks about that.

Also, the screen here is not glass, but a regular old LCD.

The logical explanation to this cleverly done video? I think it's just multiple instances of a disguised iPhone emulator. If that. In any case, hopefully everything will be clear in September. Until then, I think this video calls for the:

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We give the one-app-at-a-time thing a pass on the iPhone because of performance considerations – it’s a small device with a small battery and proportionately small battery life. More cycles == more watts. With a battery that small, the watts add up pretty quickly. beyond power considerations, it's a slow single core ARM, and it would bog down too easily.

Of course the mac tablet will run multiple apps simultaneously – with a presumed boost in processing throughput as well as a much larger battery, the constraints of the iPhone implemented on a tablet would not only be arbitrary, but any excuse for doing so would be completely artificial.

I don’t doubt that the OS will be distinct from OSX, presumably with a lot of multi-touch goodness and a lot of the cruft tucked neatly behind the curtains a la iPhone, but what it will not be is an exact clone of the iPhone OS. Who the fuck wants a 13" iPhone? Or a 9" iPhone? Nobody, because the 5" one works just fine, and the iPhone OS was designed for that size device. To neglect to take advantage of the larger tablet would be foolish and inconceivable.