Google Responds to Google Voice Dropped Call Issue, Deploys Fix

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Were you one of the unlucky ones getting booted from your Google Voice phone calls this week after 15 or so minutes of talk time? Good news. Google identified the problem early this morning and has reportedly issued a fix.


Just in case you weren't affected, or don't have Google Voice, or maybe you're just reading this because you have nothing better to do, the problem was pretty much just as described above: Users were complaining that any call they made that passed the magic 15 or so minute threshold was mysterious cut off without explanation. Some users were being cut off a half dozen times or more. Others gave up and used their —*gasp*—regular phone service!

Said one user in the Google support forum, "Imagine my horror as I'm interviewing for a tech sales job and had 3 calls drop at 15 minutes each? Placed calls: 8/28/09 3:20 PM 15 minutes long 8/28/09 3:54 PM 15 minutes long Received calls: 8/28/09 3:37 PM 16 minutes long I hope someone at Google is listening."

They were, and as of 12:34 a.m. this morning, they promised the issue was kaput. Was anyone in the Gizmodo commenter ranks negatively affected by this issue? Is it really fixed? [Google via TechCrunch]


I don't know why people use their mobile phones for interviews, much less something like Google Voice Beta. I've interviewed several people who insisted on being called on their mobiles for an interview, and never offered them a second interview. It's a way of saying "yeah, I'll be doing something else, but I'll put aside 20 mins for you...". [/rant]