Bad Decisions: Jägermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler

Illustration for article titled Bad Decisions: Jägermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler

You know that friend of yours who was so excited for college until three weeks in when, suddenly, they packed their bags and moved back home? Just what did they encounter that was so shockingly depraved? This thing.


For when one night of crying in a cold shower isn't enough, the Jägermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler puts six bottles of the licorice from hell on ice, making them accessible through a spigot that looks suitably impossible to properly sterilize. At $120, the price must look a bit steep to most college freshman. But this is your future we're talking about, people. Spare no expense. This college certainly isn't going to drop itself out. [Jägermeister via Uncrate via uberreview]


I once drank a whole 700ML bottle. By then I was so numb I was able to follow it up with some straight Everclear.

That was a good night. Mostly.