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Illustration for article titled Run Pee

An app to tell you when the boring parts of movies are so you can go pee—or if you're feeling daring, more—without missing much. It's a brilliant concept, with unexpectedly good execution.



From The App Developers:
RunPee is a must have app for every moviegoer with a bladder. Run Pee tells you which points in a movie you can safely "run" and "pee' without missing a hugely important plot point.


Each PeeTime tells you:
-Approximately how many minutes into the movie each Pee Time is.
-Cue: what happens in the movie to let you know when that Pee Time begins.
-How long the Pee Time lasts - so you know how many minutes you have before missing something important,
-And best of all: exactly what you'll miss while you're away!

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It's a good START, but it would be better if it included midomi-like functionality to just identify the movie by recording and processing a small snippet of the audio. Then determining the current point in the movie based upon the time of recording the snip and it's known point in the move, it could tell you exactly when to get up via a vibrate.

The less you need to use your phone/ipod during a movie the better.