Lucky Dragon Boat Unleashes Fiery Wrath Upon Japan

Illustration for article titled Lucky Dragon Boat Unleashes Fiery Wrath Upon Japan

Japan, if the Lucky Dragon boat turns on its owner and attacks Osaka with plumes of fire, you're on your own.


Lucky Dragon is a 49-foot aluminum half-boat, half-animatronic beast. It breathes fire. And on the off-chance it battles another Lucky Dragon, it breathes water as well.

But don't be too worried. While that lead shot implies nothing short of full-out robopocalypse, the video pasted below paints a different picture—namely one of a slow, aging Disney ride struggling to cough a few sparks to annihilate the human race through CO2 emissions.

Sorry to spoil the fun. The Lucky Dragon still looks like a wonderful means to celebrate the Aqua Metropolis festival in Osaka, should you be lucky enough to attend. [Mainichi via Pink Tentacle]


OK, I want a Battle Royale(with cheese) between Dragon Boat, Michael Jackson Barge, Robosaurus, Jesus w/Iron Bar, and the trucks from Idiocracy.