PlayStation Motion Controller: Behind the Scenes Part 2

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In part one, Sony explained that next Spring's glowing wand will have rumble feedback. Here, Anton Mikhailov (the guy from the E3 demos) dishes the prototype was built using parts from Home Depot, and caused a stir with airport security.


Mikhailov also confirms that the combination of camera tracking, gyroscopes and accelerometers are precise enough for the wand to be used in more complicated games, not just casual titles.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the multiple axis tracking may improve on traditional dual stick DualShock controls. We should hear more from the Tokyo Game Show on September 24. [Sony]


Davi Viana

This is sooooo crappy. If you hide it from the camera, it will loose track. And this technology is like, from the 70s. It is basically the same tech used in Natal, but natal uses AI to recognise the human body and detach it from the background, so it doesnt depend a glowing ball to work. And we have to give credit to Nintendo here, all these stuff came from the Wii - and its the best motion experience so far. If only nintendo launched a Wii2 with more power.