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Fuzzy Travel Blanket Keeps Gadgets Secure And Warm

Illustration for article titled Fuzzy Travel Blanket Keeps Gadgets Secure And Warm

Eff snuggies, I'm in love with this blanket that has a gadget storage pouch.


Not only does it look super comfy, but I am always losing my iPod when I fall asleep on the train or plane. For $28 I can avoid those lice-ridden airplane blankets and keep my Touch close to me. Too bad it only seems to come in blue. [Patina via Geek Sugar]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I wonder what the blond in the picture must be thinking. She's got that Mona Lisa complexion where you don't know whether she's pissed or smiling and she's not even in an airplane, then she'd definitely be pissed.