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Verizon's HTC Imagio Is Just the Blunted Tip of the Windows Mobile 6.5 Iceberg

Illustration for article titled Verizons HTC Imagio Is Just the Blunted Tip of the Windows Mobile 6.5 Iceberg

Cast your gaze upon the HTC Imagio: a same-y WinMo touch phone, not unlike the Touch Diamond2, with an aging Qualcomm processor, familiar specs and a manufacturer-designed interface. This, folks, is the new, old face of Windows Mobile.


PhoneArena happened upon these shots of the Imagio XV6975, which will allegedly be one of Verizon's first 6.5, or "Windows Phone" handsets come October 6th. And aside from a couple fresh features—the VCast TV streaming, for example, or the dual CDMA/GSM compatibility—this is effectively the same Windows Mobile phone we've been seeing from HTC for a couple years now: it's got a 528Mhz processor, 3.6-inch WVGA screen, microSD expansion, Wi-Fi and TouchFLO 3D.

That's the thing about 6.5—even though Microsoft's staging a massive launch event around October 6th, something they don't usually do for WinMo upgrades, the vast majority of the 30+ handsets Microsoft says it'll have running the OS by the end of the year will look an awful lot like gear you can buy now. Which is fine, I guess! I was just kinda hoping for another Leo, y'know? [PhoneArena]


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What HTC phone that's been out for 2 years has a 3.6" WVGA touchscreen? Did I miss a calendar reorg? Was May really 2 years ago?