VholdR ContourHD Helmet Cam Shoots Superwide 1080p Video, With Lasers

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VholdR missed being FIRST! with a mainstream 1080p helmet cam by a few months, but they've got a different take on the concept anyway. For example, does your GoPro have dual sighting lasers? Hmm?

Ok, so the laser targeting deal isn't all that new for VholdR—it's been in some of their helmet cams since late 2007—and the general shape and feature set of the camera hasn't really changed since the first ContourHD, which only shot 720p, but the latest upgrade is nothing to scoff at: The ContourHD1080p shoots in full HD, 960p, and 720p 30fps and 60fps modes; records through a 135-degree, rotating wide-angle lens; lets you adjust metering, exposure, contrast and microphone gain; and comes with a three-hour rechargeable battery. On top of that, it's weather and shock resistant, but not quite waterproof without an extra case.


VholdR's also pretty excited about their new video sharing site, which accepts and plays back 1080p uploads, but I imagine most folks who would buy something like this already have specific plans for sharing their rad stunts, epic air, etcetera, so I'm not really sure what that's worth. The camera, however, is worth precisely $330, and will be available in time for Christmas. [VholdR]

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Does it have night vision? If not, its worthless.