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Dell Wants To Give Laptops One Heck of an Expensive Manicure

Illustration for article titled Dell Wants To Give Laptops One Heck of an Expensive Manicure

I've never wanted to have the color of favorite nail polish (Ballet Slippers, if you must know) on my laptop's lid, but some may. Dell has teamed up with OPI, the nail lacquer maker, to put 26 hues on laptops.


But like most of the Dell Studio designed lids, it will cost you an extra $85. That is the most expensive manicure I've ever had. I've never gotten why you have to pay so much more money to get a colorful lid. Don't worry guys, Dell also has added MLB covers for you. My guess is that some women will like these new color options, but I have to say OPI polish has been known to chip easily. [Dell Nail Polish, Dell MLB]

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I think the price is a bit much for the designs, but it's not that bad if you take into consideration how long you'll own it. A manicure will last at most a few months. Most people keep their computers around three years or more.

A better complaint is why they charge $20 to $50 for just the standard color options.