Why I Think E-Ink Readers Are Dumb

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The future of media isn't on paper. And a device just dedicated to replicating dead trees is a waste of time. Let me show you why electronic ink's virtues don't matter as much as its weaknesses do.


Click through the gallery for a blow-by-blow of e-ink's strengths and failures:

E-ink is a great digital tool for emulating what books were. But a horse with rollershoes can't keep up with the automobile, so why should we expect a digital book to keep up with modern media habits?

I fell in love with the Kindle last year, but I think you're a fool to buy one now—let alone any of its lesser competitors—when so much new technology is about to hit over the next six months. I'm giving up on it. I am waiting for a tablet. Same size, different priorities. And unless you love novels and non-fiction more than TV, movies, cookbooks and glossy magazines all together, you should, too. [Fantastic rendering above by Rob Beschizza]


Anyone who thinks ebooks are the future has probably never really read a book. And I don't mean that as sarcasm or hyperbole; e-books as a format are simply no good for proper academic use.