iRobot Makes First Version of T-1000 or Number Six—We Will All Die Anyway

Gizmodo's bullpen five minutes ago. Me: "Holy f*ck. Check this." Matt: "We're all dead." Me: "We're so f*cked." Wilson: "Soft robotics. That's a scary phrase." Jason: "You mean a sexy phrase. Mmmm. Soft robots." Wilson: "Now, jamming skin...


That is sexy. Jammable slurry. Wow, a little hot under the collar here. This really is nuts."

It is really nuts indeed: A shape-shifting robot blob that can squeeze through cracks. Sounds familiar? Of course it does. But clearly, this iRobot and Darpa researchers don't read or watch any Sci-Fi material whatsoever.


In any case, ladies and gentlemen, it has been a pleasure and a privilege writing for you. Now, enjoy the rest of your lives. They won't last much more. [JWZ via Make]

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That is more gross than scary. This is scary.