Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 Turns Laptops Into Quasi-Desktops

Illustration for article titled Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 Turns Laptops Into Quasi-Desktops

If you're the type who likes using a laptop stand or a real mouse at your desk, Logitech's new Notebook Kit MK605 is a bundle with all of that stuff in one package.

The entire kit includes a 3-stage, pivoting laptop stand, a wireless keyboard and a wireless M505 laser mouse (along with the tiny, USB-based Unifying Receiver that communicates with the peripherals).

Purchased alone, the components would run you $130 ($50 for each peripheral and $30 for the stand). But combined in this Costco-like bundle, you'll get it all for $100. That's $30 savings, which equates to six McDonald's Value Meals or 30, count them, 30 Dollar Menu items. [Logitech]

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Wow. When I first saw the picture I thought "a laptop with detachable screen? Really???"

And as it turns out: not really. That thing there is simply a STAND for your FULL LAPTOP.

But you heard it here first folks. Modular laptops. You'll be able to hang the screen on a wall, while you work from your wireless keyboard/mouse. Need to go somewhere? Reattach the screen to the keyboard, and pack up the mouse (or opt for the built-in keyboard nub, naturally) and you're ready to bring the whole setup in "standard laptop" form with you when you travel.

I'd buy one.