Carl Sagan Auto-Tuned Part II (Featuring Feynman, Tyson and Nye)

John Boswell who auto-tuned Carl Sagan for us, has come back with another clip featuring our favorite stoner, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye in almost educational, entirely awesome Auto-Tune goodness. [YouTube via Nerdist]




I'm sorry, but this is pretty genius. Mostly because I don't have the talent to create it, and more so because I have a deep respect for these men, sans the incessant indulgence of wacky weed. It's more than a fantastic way to honor the memory of not just an influential scientist, and Carl Sagan is more than the few episodes of The Cosmos you've taped on VHS, but a brilliant tribute to a mind that has dedicated itself to enriching every other mind.

Think about what your kids will be learning in school. I almost feel deprived that I was confined to the limited scientific reasoning of the 20th or even 19th century physical understanding; in other words, had I not in my own curiosity indulged myself in The Elegant Universe early in high school, I'd feel like I was cheated, because nobody said "and that's why the Earth goes around the Sun, BUT... there's more..."

This has been argued before, but it's worth noting that there is a precious lack of challenge in the particulars of scientific introduction that persons like Carl Sagan has exemplified, and that even the youngest persons should be exposed to the principles of the "superposition" of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Schrodenger's Cat is a mind blowing example. More, if a tree fell, and nobody was around to hear it, did it fall? Would the stars shine if nobody were there to observe them?

That was a lot. And Carl Sagan isn't a monolith of deity in my own life, but had everyone more than a circle of friends to react to the questions of possibility, as did Sagan with his access to media, at a young age, I think everyone would be healthier for it. Lastly, Gizmodo is pretty fucking sweet. The end. #autotunecarlsagan