Rumor: "New Type of Camera" From Kodak in January?

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UK gadget blog, Electricpig, says a "highly placed source" at Kodak has promised big things at CES. It's first DSLR since 2004? Something completely different? Either way, it'll apparently arrive alongside the successor to the Zi8 pocket camcorder. [Electricpig]




Kodak has only been OUT of the DSLR business for about 2 years. They were involved in the FIRST digital SLRs, using both Canon and Nikon SLR bodies. Their sensors are still used in many others' pro-body cameras, just not their own. I doubt that they're debuting a DSLR, though. That market is fiercely competitive, with no room right now really for a new mount/system camera.

Kodak's cameras get castigated by folks like twoeightnine, but for no good reason. They've been very competitive in features and quality for years and have occasionally broken new ground (remember the DX6490? That was my first 'good' digital). I'm quite happy with my P712 and P880, though I do still shoot a lot of film, too. The Kodak mini camcorder type cameras are far above their main Flip competitor, too.

They may have big stuff planned, but I would not bet on it being a game-changer right now. They'll probably have a super slo-mo like Casio or high ISO P&S or something. It will probably be something very focused on the consumer market right now. #newtypeofcamera