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Craigslist Ad By A Horrid Excuse for a Human Being

Illustration for article titled Craigslist Ad By A Horrid Excuse for a Human Being

If you begin anything with "this might seem strange and offensive," then stop. Seriously, just stop. Don't be like this guy who posted on Craigslist searching for a double amputee to be part of his Chewbacca-carrying-C3PO-around Star Wars costume.


Click on the image for a closer look at the ad.

I'm ashamed to even be in the same country as this guy. Geezus freakin' Christ. [Some Country For Old Men]

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I agree with a few of the posts. It's more offensive to me that you think you can speak on behalf of the disabled, or to tell people what they should think about things that have nothing to do with you.

The person who made the ad clearly has nothing against amputees. Would it offend you if he were looking for a white guy with brown hair to be Han? Same principle. #craigslistad