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Soft Tofu Chair Molds to Your Softer Tofu Tush

Illustration for article titled Soft Tofu Chair Molds to Your Softer Tofu Tush

I've never been all that enthusiastic about eating tofu. But sitting on a gigantic piece of the stuff sounds just delicious.


No, Yu-Ying Wu's "breathing chair" is not really a giant chunk of tasteless protein, but it will automatically form to your body as you sit, turning from tofu to armchair with the weight of your body. But beyond intriguing design, the chair is built from a springy plastic compound with enough resistance that it will actually help lift you out of the chair when standing, relieving some pressure from your knees.

Wu's chair is still just in the design stage, which is a shame, because my butt is hungry. [CCTV via Core77 via DVICE]

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