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VMWare Fusion 3 Fuses Snow Leopard and Windows 7 With Full 64-Bit Power

Illustration for article titled VMWare Fusion 3 Fuses Snow Leopard and Windows 7 With Full 64-Bit Power

VMWare's Fusion 3—with full support for Snow Leopard and Windows 7—is out today. Besides being natively 64-bit in Snow Leopard, it lets you migrate a PC to your virtual machine, launches Windows apps like native apps, and more.


It now supports OpenGL 2.1 and DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0, giving you some more graphics powah in Windows, so you can run Windows' Aero interface with Flip3D (and play games, if you're daring). The more integrated Windows apps respond to commands like cmd+q and yes, work with Dock Expose. It's $80 for a fresh copy or $40 for an upgrade. [VMWare via AppleInsider]

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What percentage of the OS for Snow Leopard and Windows 7 is truly 64 bit? I understand they have been converting it pieces at a time, but there has been some debate in the developer community whether the speed improvements have been entirely from converting it or whether the re-write itself could have shown a significant amount of the improvement in 32 bit. Also, by merely supporting 64 bit, are we truly seeing the speed improvement through this support? I assume so, but we have had some experiences with ESX, depending on the cycle of the moon, that improvements like this have been minimal at best. #fusion3