Scosche PowerFuze Pro Charges Your USB Devices On the Wall and In The Car

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The Scosche PowerFuze Pro will charge the hell out of your USB devices whether you are plugging it into the wall or into your car.


Plus, when the car adapter is attached to the main unit, you can charge up to two USB devices at once. It's a pretty versatile device for $35 (without iPhone/iPod charge and sync cable), but if you are looking for something that offers even more portability, Duracell has been coming out with a lot of battery-powered portables lately that should fit the bill.

Oxnard, CA – October 29, 2009 – Scosche Industries (, an award-winning innovator of iPod and iPhone accessories, announces the availability of the powerFUZE™ - home and car USB charging system. The powerFUZE is both "Made for iPod" and "Works with iPhone" certified and allows users to carry just one charger for all their USB based devices when traveling.

The powerFUZE's unique design can be configured in several different ways to provide many charging solutions. The main body is a home charger that features a USB charging port as well as an AC/DC converter port (in-car style port). The AC/DC converter port allows users to plug their favorite car accessories into any wall outlet. The product also includes an ultra low profile USB car charger that nests neatly in the AC/DC converter port. With the car charger installed in the main body, the unit becomes a dual USB home charger capable of charging 2 devices at once. The USB car charger also fits flush in any vehicles 12-volt power socket, allowing users to charge any USB powered device in the car. Each of the USB ports features 1 Amp output to ensure the fastest charging possible.

"Customer convenience is key factor in all of Scosche's product designs," said Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries. "With the powerFUZE our customers can replace multiple chargers with one that works both at home and on the road."

Customers can choose between the $ 34.99 powerFUZE; the powerFUZE PRO, which ships with an iPod/iPhone sync cable for $44.99; or purchase the standalone powerPLUG Ultra low profile USB car charger or powerPLUG Pro version that includes the iPod/ iPhone charge and sync cable for $19.99 and $29.99 respectively. They are available now on and at select retail locations throughout the US.



I think that most people are missing the fact that it gives you a car's cigarette lighter for your home. It's already one of, if not, the most widely adopted power sources in the world by the mere fact that it's in every car in the world. There are very few things you can't plug into one of those things. I think that's the real value to this thing. AND you get a USB port too? Very cool! #scoschepowerfuze