A Surround Sound Speaker, Not a Dartboard

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The EOps i24R3 Portable isn't just the product of a design student and a 3D modeling program. It's a real, wireless, waterproof, single-speaker surround sound system that was just announced by Hong Kong designer Michael Young. How does it work?

The design is basically one sealed sound chamber filled with enough speakers for an authentic surround sound experience: four, 2.6-inch flat speakers and two, 4.5-inch passive radiator speakers. You'll find a 2x10W Class D amplifier squeezed in that shell as well.


Plugging in or operating off a built-in lithium polymer battery, the i24R3 has no inputs, instead receiving signals over 2.4GHz wireless USB or A2DP Bluetooth—yes, from software like iTunes and devices like iPhones.

And while we have no idea how it actually sounds or how much it actually costs, we have too many regularly-intoxicated friends with too good of access to aerodynamic implements to ever invest in one of our own. [Michael Young via The Design Blog]

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Looks more like a shield than a speaker. I want to hoist it over my head and scream something about Sparta. #eopsi24r3portable