Prescription 3D Glasses On Their Way Soon, For Samsung 3DTVs

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3D glasses may be made big enough to fit over prescription glasses, but it's still not a pleasant experience. Having to constantly push up one pair of glasses is nerdy enough, but two?


Unfortunately it's just so far Samsung of the big players who've commiserated with us four-eyed lot's plight, though Oakley mentioned last month they plan on releasing them before the end of the year. They're just polarized lenses though, so can only be used in cinemas and 3DTV-equipped pubs in the UK with Sky.

While Samsung's glasses will only be compatible with their own sets presumably (one of the peskiest things about 3D), I hope it'll spur on other manufacturers to offer the same options. With over 120 million Americans (reportedly) wearing glasses, that's a rather large chunk of the population that's having to fight with slipping double-frames. [Akihabara News]


Broken Machine

I'll definitely be on the hook for a pair of the Oakleys - as someone very sensitive to optics quality, i'm excited at the chance to be able to enjoy 3D movies in the theatre. Last 3D movie I saw in 3D was Christmas Carol, and it left me with a 2 day migraine.

Cheap lenses with distortions seem to do the same thing, whether prescription or just sunglasses. A thumbprint on a lens can ruin a day (or more) for me.