Watch Jonathan Ive's Segment in Objectified

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Objectified, Gary Hustwit's look at the world of industrial design, featured a lengthy section on Apple Chief Designer Jon Ive—and now that clip is online for impatient Apple fans to see. [Brainstorm Tech]


The clip is pretty interesting, even if you're not normally enamored with Apple. Ive is the most prominent tech designer of the last two decades, and I like his philosophy on "getting design out of the way." Hopefully the clip motivates you guys to go see the full movie, which is great, even if it doesn't reach the heights of Hustwit's previous effort Helvetica.

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I found the little bit about the indicator light interesting, because I never really did see much value in all of the little lights lined up on a lot of other laptops, not even the HD access light. #jonathaniveobjectified