MIT Media Lab: Electronic Wallpaper, Conductive Threads and More

Diana Eng, who you might remember as Project Runway's premiere nerd designer, took a look at MIT's Media Lab and found some pretty cool stuff, mostly run off of Arduino microcontrollers. Check it out below.

A lot of this stuff is just playful, so some of the clothes don't need to be too polished—but I love that electronic wallpaper. Down with lightswitches, I say! [Fairytale Fashion]

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I would bet money that there are literally thousands of MIT students who could use a video camera better than that cameraman. Hell, the camera he's using was probably designed at MIT.

Camera work aside, a lot of that stuff it pretty cool. I especially liked how easy it is to use that software/programming language. Hopefully we'll see more things like that that can be implemented for consumers. #mitmedialab