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Yeti USB Mic Is "The World's First THX Certified Microphone"

Illustration for article titled Yeti USB Mic Is The Worlds First THX Certified Microphone

At $150, Blue Microphone's new THX certified Yeti might not be the best investment for something as simple as Skype, but if you are doing podcasts, music recordings, or old-timey variety shows, it might be worth the extra cash.


Apparently, the Yeti is the first microphone to earn a THX certified distinction—something Blue Microphone views as a validation of its "incredibly low distortion, high fidelity, and balanced frequency response." Features include: a triple capsule array that allows you to record in stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional, an analog to digital converter and a built-in headphone amp for zero-latency monitoring. And the whole thing is ready to plug in to a USB port and use on your PC or Mac right out of the box.

Blue Microphones Announces World's First THX Certified Microphone, the Yeti USB Condenser Mic

Featuring condenser capsules in a triple array, Yeti is the latest, most advanced addition to Blue's line of premium USB microphones

(Westlake Village, California –November 10, 2009) – Blue Microphones (, a leading innovator in microphone technology and design, announces Yeti, the first THX® Certified microphone. The latest addition to Blue's new consumer line, the Yeti is the ultimate USB microphone for professional recording. The Yeti features:
· The first USB mic to offer Blue's premium condenser capsules in a proprietary triple capsule array for the highest quality, most versatile audio recording capability
· After rigorous lab testing, THX certification affirms the ultimate in recording and playback fidelity thanks to superior design and quality
· Four patterns (Omni, Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional) for incredible versatility and superior results in any situation
· Studio quality performance and features, with zero latency, amplified headphone monitoring, microphone mute, and hardware-based gain adjustment

Yeti is the first microphone to offer the quality and range of versatility to produce the best quality recordings in a wide range of situations, including podcasts, vocals, live or event recording, interviews, broadcasts, instruments, bands and more.

"Blue Microphones recognizes THX as a benchmark within the industry for professional audio production and playback. We, are honored to be recognized as their first partner for audio input," says John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. "Blue strives to provide the highest quality sound for both professionals and consumers alike and we are proud to provide such recognized quality with the new Yeti, the world's first THX Certified microphone."

Building upon the technology foundation established by the award-winning Snowball USB microphone, Yeti adds four distinct pattern modes, a zero-latency headphone output with volume control for direct monitoring, adjustable microphone gain control and a mute button. The Yeti's angle can be adjusted on its custom-designed desk stand. Following suit with the rest of Blue's desktop products, the Yeti features driverless installation and works with both PC and Mac.

"The THX Certified Yeti from Blue Microphones provides aspiring artists a recording solution that combines quality, usability and convenience for a wide range of audio applications," explains Matthew Chrispen, director of certification at THX. "THX testing and certification ensures the fidelity of the recording always remains true to its source, allowing artists to accurately capture voice-overs, interviews and other sound elements with confidence."

The Yeti, MSRP $149.99, will be available beginning December 2009, at Apple, CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, Guitar Center, other fine pro-audio and consumer electronics retailers and online at For complete details,


[Blue Microphones]

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Didn't these guys get the memo that THX certification automatically allows you mark the item up a minimum of 1000% #yeti