There Shouldn't Be A GPS Tracking System In My Lingerie

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I'm all for naughty, oh-come-treat-me-like-a-bad-girl-tonight scraps of lace. What I'm not such a fan of is trashy oh-come-follow-me-using-the-built-in-GPS lingerie. I don't care if it's pretty, frilly designer lingerie. It's got a damn tracking system embedded in the fabric.


Designed by Lucia Lorio, this fashion line is dubbed "Find Me If You Can." But how could you not find someone when they're running around with a pager-sized GPS device sewn into a bodice? While the fact that it would be impossible to not notice the gadget makes me laugh off the whole paranoia of jealous men using this as a sneaky way to keep tabs on their lovers, I still think it's a ridiculous design. Why you would spend between $1200 and $1600 for something intended to be ripped off a body. [The Age via GizmoWatch]



I'm surprised there haven't been more comments about how we'd like to see you in "naughty, oh-come-treat-me-like-a-bad-girl-tonight scraps of lace", Rosa.

Any other blog would have the commenters sleazily hitting on the bloggers after an article like this. But not us: We on "the Giz" are classy like that... #gpslingerie