Crunchpad Lives, and So Does the Ambiguous Price Tag: $300 to $400

Illustration for article titled Crunchpad Lives, and So Does the Ambiguous Price Tag: $300 to $400

Last we looked in on Michael Arrington's ballyhooed Crunchpad, the little guy wasn't doing so well. Wrong! Well, wrong according to Michael Arrington, anyway. Nevertheless there are assurances today that the tablet is on track and still very much alive.


That's more than we could say in early November, when we reported that the Crunchpad's development arc was more akin to Duke Nukem Forever than a real, live product. Pricing was all over the place, moving slowly up the chain from $200, to $300, and finally to $400. That was back in July, then August, and finally this fine month, at which point the price tag had ballooned to $400.

Well it's all hogwash says Arrington, thank you very much, and he has no idea where the high price rumors came from, since manufacturing costs have continued to come down. Maybe he's holding out until we all have replicators in our homes, and can just buy the schematics and software from him on the cheap?

In a video Friday (above, 39:00 mark) from the Gillmore Gang, Arrington said sponsorships akin to Firefox's Google search box could spiral costs down even further. In a Steve Jobsian twist he added that his team will continue to work on the tablet until it's "perfect." Great. I'll go warm up the replicator. [YouTube via Engadget]



That video is almost an hour long. I know its Sunday and the stories will be few and far between, but an hour long? How about a hint at what time stamp we should FF to… #crunchpad

My bad I see it now… 39:00. Was that there a moment ago when I complained?