Use Geotagged Photos As Waypoints For iPhone Navigation

The feature to use GPS coordinates inside geotagged photos as a waypoint to navigate to is an obvious one, but actually a pretty clever use if you think about it. Good job, TomTom.


Instead of writing down addresses when you visit somewhere new, just snap a photo of something at that location and you'll be able to get back there no problem. Need to direct someone to your house, or to a coffee shop? Snap a photo, email that to them and you're done.

Geocachers will be pretty thrilled at this too, having coordinates be integrated into photos of the thing you're looking for.


It's free if you already have the TomTom app, otherwise it's $50 for the US maps, $60 for the US & Canada/US & Mexico. [iTunes]

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The concept is cool. In practice I'd probably rarely use this. First, entering an address is not hard. If I have a pic of something (say, a friends house), I probably also have the contact in my address book. Simpler just to pick that. Second, finding the photo I want in my iPhone photo album of 500 or more photos (with no ability to sort into folders) is frustrating to say the least. I could always move the photos into an app (say Goodreader), but that strips the EXIF data. Then it won't work. So this feature is nothing but marketing fluff to me.

However, I do really like how hard TomTom and Navigon are battling for more iPhone app customers. A win for consumers for sure.