The Tech Support Call of Our Dreams

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There's a chick two phones over with a stuffed penguin doll and a poster of some bearded dude with swords. Tech support? Heck, I'd want to be transferred over to her for any call.


What's sad is I was genuinely excited for a stick figure in a comic. That's how deep my longing for telephonic competence runs. [XKCD]

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Every tech support person should be required to have a license. That license should have various levels.

The test should be free (or cheap) and should be publicly available. I should be able to take that test ahead of time and when I call tech support I should be able to ask the support person I am calling what level they have taken.

If my level is higher by at least 2, then I should be able to tell the person what steps to skip because I've already tried them and I know that isn't the problem.

This could also be used to match up the right level of tech support with the right level of customer.

**wakes up** Huh? what? I think I was dreamin' there for a second.