This Door Is Supposed To Save Lives During Earthquakes

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When an Earthquake hits, what do you do? Typical Earthquake 101 tells you to run to the nearest doorway to protect yourself under the "strongest frame in the house". This bendable door is supposed to improve on that thinking.

However! Recent theories (Earthquake 201, I guess) suggest that standing underneath a typical doorway is no better than being any where else during an earthquake. They now teach people to drop to the ground, go underneath a table and hold on. This concept door from student Younghwa Lee kind of mimics being underneath a table while being underneath a doorframe, which in a way, sorta blends the two Earthquake schools of thought together.

If you haven't been in an Earthquake before, well damn, you're lucky. Get some practice before 2012. [Gizmag via Neatorama]

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My feeling about an earthquake is if it's a weak one the door frame will probably be best seeing as how most people don't have shit around them to conk them on the noggin.

But a strong quake? If your house is going down, guess what's gonna fall one way or another? That door frame. And if the wall+door frame decides to panic have fun being pinched in two. I, on the other hand, shall cower under the heavy duty coffee table. Ideally though, the best place to ride it out is the nearest field with NOTHING nearby.

Not that I have to, hah, Midwest 4tw.