Dual-Sided Blu-ray/DVD Discs: What the Hell Took So Long?

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HD DVD made dual-sided HD DVD/DVD combo discs in 2006. They even announced a dual-sided HD DVD/Blu-ray disc in January 2007. So why the fuck did it take three more years to make a Blu-ray/DVD combo?

Stuff like this is indicative of the problems with the Blu-ray format. Not only did they launch the format with players not fully supporting basic stuff like Ethernet ports for over-the-internet updates, it took them almost two years to get suppliers onto the Blu-ray 2.0 format, which more or less made them catch up with HD DVD's feature set. Blu-ray didn't just put the cart before the horse, they rolled the cart down a hill, waited a year, and asked the horse politely if it could go find the cart.


I don't want this post to be just a chance to re-hash all the old issues with Blu-ray, but really. Three years. It took three years for you guys to get your act together and realize most of the people—the mainstream, not Gizmodo readers—now don't really see the need to buy new players, new discs and new TVs just to watch movies in high def. Hell, one in five people can't tell the difference between SD and HD.

Don't get me wrong; this is a wonderful idea. With combo discs you can eliminate the need for standalone DVD releases, thereby saving shelf space AND putting Blu-ray discs in the hands of people that wouldn't necessarily have purchased Blu-ray. Once these unwitting customers collect enough Blu-ray combo discs, they just might buy a cheap BD player and convert. Really, it's a great sales tactic and something that will ease the transition for the less technologically inclined.

But answer me this, Blu-ray consortium: why did it take you three extra years to pull this off?


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I keep praying that one day soon we can stream in quality approaching that of Blu-ray. Something tells me we're still years away from that, though.