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SWAT Team Called In Over a Lego Gun

Illustration for article titled SWAT Team Called In Over a Lego Gun

A normal night at the office got interesting when neighbors spotted a man with what appeared to be a pistol. The SWAT team was called in, only to find out it was a pistol built from Lego bricks.


According to an account on Jeremy Bells' blog, he was hanging out at the office playing Call of Duty. Suddenly, the SWAT team was knocking on the door, and they sent more than just a few troops. Listen to this description of the event:

A co-worker said she saw at least 6 SWAT, 2 uniformed officers, 2 undercover and a chopper in the air. I've since been told that the surrounding streets were blocked off with five cop cars in total, two ambulances, and a dozen cops all taking positions of cover around the office.


In hindsight, the situation is pretty humorous. But if I were the police, and a someone sent in the highly convincing image above, I would probably panic too. I'm sure everyone left very happy that they didn't have to handle a serious situation.

As soon as the team found out the "weapon" was made out of Lego Bricks, everyone went home. All's well that ends well! As a bonus, the good people of Toronto can sleep well knowing that the SWAT team is very well prepared to handle this sort of situation. [CTV via Geekologie, Jeremy Bell. Thanks B3ND3R.]

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Has no one asked why was he playing Call of Duty at work? Unless you are a game designer/tester that'll get your ass fired for abusing company resources and getting paid for not doing company work. Odd.