Watch Fujitsu's Dual Touchscreen Transformer Phone In Action

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Click to viewOver at CEATEC, Fujitsu's showing off a snazzy dual touchscreen smartphone with a hinge that allows it to stack vertically or horizontally. And the most exciting part? They've let UI-wizards The Astonishing Tribe loose to make the software. Watch.


The device is just a prototype, but the hardware—and especially its magical hinge—looks like it's pretty far along at this point. The video shows the dual 960 x 480 displays seamlessly scrolling content, but what's even more exciting is the flick to share interface TAT has whipped up for photos, reminiscent of the awesome screens-of-the-future video they teased us with last month.


There's no word on when or if the transformer phone might come to market, but it is very cool to see in a real, working state nonetheless. Give TAT some crazy hardware and things start looking futuristic awfully fast. [TAT via Engadget]

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So they took the above concept and gave it two touch screens and made the hinge massive?

The question I guess is how comical will this look when trying to use it as an actual phone? Do you use it like a flip phone? Or like a Large Candybar smartphone? I'd also like to see what it looks like closed. Can it close both ways? And how are they preventing scratches on the touch screens when folded? Keyboard against screen is one thing if the keys are rubber, but if this uses optical glass screens, what prevents dirt and grime in my pocket from wrecking the gloss when I put it away? Too many unanswered questions about this prototype makes me say "Nay", but we all have to keep in mind that it is a prototype...just not a very well thought out one (IMHO).