Someone Actually Built a $70k Stargate Atlantis Home Theater

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Jacob Yarmuth may not hold the official title of world's biggest Stargate Atlantis fan, but I doubt anyone would question his claim after he designed this home theater system inspired by the show. So what's $70k getting you these days?


Well, for starters there's the a fiber-optic starscape ceiling that shows comets appearing every minute or so. Then there's the two Sony megachangers that accommodate 800 DVDs, THX speakers, a ten foot diagonal circuit screen, and oh, before I forget, a motion sensor that opens the custom air pocket doors. All that, and an interior that looks like it was imported directly from the set.

Congratulations, Jacob Yarmuth. I'm just glad you're not this into Fear Factor.

[Electronichouse via Newlaunches]


cool, but 70k?

I really want to see someone do a setup based on the newest trek movie.