Apologies to Jim from JimonLight!

We posted our feature on Christmas Lights yesterday and the writer, the talented but inexperienced Chris Jacob used Jim Hutchison's piece as a source for some of his writing. But he didn't attribute clearly enough! We had the idea for the story, coincidentally, without knowing of Jim's fine work. And when it came time to research ours, his was some of the best source material to be found.


Chris's piece had multiple sources, but a quarter of the research did come from Jim's piece. In this sort of situation, we require not only an inline link to the source, but a full mention in the body as well as at the end of the post. This was not done on the first published version.

Chris—and Wilson, Jason and I—should have been more careful in reviewing his work and his research to make sure that Jim's website was clearly labeled, and Jim mentioned as an expert on Christmas lights referenced in the story.


Chris has updated the story and I'm going to talk to Jim about this later and apologize over the phone.

Again, I'm sorry for not more clearly mentioning where some of the information in this piece came from! To Jim and to our readers.

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I remember writing some poetry for English. My English teacher was furious, accusing me of plagiarism. In my case I actually did write the piece from scratch. I said, "find the original and I'll take a zero." He never did, because he couldn't. All that to say, it's nice to be credited for work you've done. And you feel pretty crumby when somebody takes that away from you. So kudos to Giz team for realizing their error and coming clean on it.