Chumby One Secret Message Reveals It's Adorable, Even On The Inside

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Despite being generally unnecessary, we couldn't help loving the little Chumby One WiFi widget machine. Speaking of love, a secret message revealed after iFixit's teardown reveals that it is adorable inside and out.

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iFixit's teardown didn't reveal anything totally unexpected, with the exception of an inscription on the logic board from the designer that reads: "with love,—bunnie." However, modders might be interested in the following highlights:

* Notable components found inside the chumby one:
* Freescale i.MX233 CPU, running at 454 MHz
* MMA7455 3-axis accelerometer
* Hynix 923E 64MB DDR DRAM
* QN8005B FM Radio chip
* An inscription that reads "with love, bunnie"

* The MicroSD socket contains a 2GB Kingston MicroSD firmware card,
which can easily be pulled out once the device is opened. Users can
load custom firmware and upgrade chumby one's storage in a snap.

* There are plenty of ventilation holes in the top and rear outer
cases. Such a Swiss cheese case design allows the chumby to stay
cool without the need for a fan.

* Volume control commands are sent via a rotary encoder that
translates angular degrees of rotation into binary code recognized by
the board.

* The wireless card is attached to a small interconnect board,
converting the four-pin connector found on the logic board into the
USB connector used by the wireless card. This could potentially mean
hacking/upgrading the chumby to 802.11n in the future, were you able
to find a USB Wi-Fi card of similar size.

* You can also unplug the USB Wi-Fi card and plug in regular ethernet
using a USB-to-ethernet dongle.

* The 2W mono speaker is mounted onto a resonance box which occupies
precious interior space, which could be used to stuff more awesome
hacking stuff into the chumby. Alternatively, it could be used as a
secret stash for narcotics.

Hit the following link for full details on the teardown. [iFixit]

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Please start shipping to Canada! We are right there *points at map*. You ship to Australia and Japan and they are farther away than us.

Thank you.