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This Crazy Kid is Waterskiing On a Freaking Fountain

Illustration for article titled This Crazy Kid is Waterskiing On a Freaking Fountain

This is one of the best great bad ideas in a long while, Marty McFly: Waterskiing on a fountain. It looks like it can be a lot of fun, all the way to the hospital.


It's pretty simple: You just need a large fountain, a cable, a traffic sign and a car. Find a large fountain with a big water surface (lots of these space wasters in Europe), connect cable to car, and use a traffic sign post as a pivoting point to get more control. [Thanks Roberto!]

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*Disclaimer-Do not do this, its very bad!

More fun with fountains: Way back when I used to be evil, my GFs and I would partake of liquid stupidity and then fill small glass jars (baby food size) with liquid laundry detergent, then drive very fast through the parking lot of the local hotel, past the fountain, and pitch these home made soap bombs in (while standing in the car with our heads out the sun roof). Since they were glass, they would shatter, spreading the detergent, and within minutes, a fantastic bubble show followed.