Watch the World's Fastest Lawnmower Hit a 96 MPH Clip

All Bobby Cleveland wanted was to drive the fastest lawnmower in the world. And last weekend, he took his easy rider all the way to 96 mph. Here's the bastard child of John Deere and Speed Racer in action.


Cleveland's previous personal best of 80.833 mph had been the record mark until the U.K.'s Don Wales ripped an 87.833 mph run last May. So this wasn't just a gratuitous display of lawnmower muscle; it was a patriotic gratuitous display of lawnmower muscle. Your country thanks you, Bobby Cleveland.

Although should these records be set on actual, you know, lawns? [CNET]


I'd like to thank my John Deere Pepsi Octane Booster pit crew who really came through for us today & saved our #12 John Deere Pepsi Octane Booster tractor on that 2nd run by clearing bugs out of my teeth.

I'd also like to thank my momma, my dog Rex, the great republic of Texas, and God almighty himself.

Without their pushin' I would'a never saw this dream become real.