Mini-Moscow on Sale for Just $3 Million

Illustration for article titled Mini-Moscow on Sale for Just $3 Million

It took 300 people to construct a 400 square foot model of the USSR's capital city back in 1977. Today you can buy that super-detailed, scaled-down version of Moscow for a mere $3 million.


Stunning, isn't it? Apparently every single of the itty-bitty windows in the model can be lit up and there are effects to simulate day and night time. I guess that it's not surprising that the electricity costs alone are making mini-Moscow enough of an expense to get pushed onto the auction block.

Oh, if only I had the space and money to spare. I could be a Russian Godzilla. [Atlas Obscura]


I'm guessing this is how they made St. Basil's Cathedral.

Edit: Apparently pictures aren't working right now... I'm referring to the Puzz-3D version of St. Basil's.