Some Airport Employees Use Body Scanners As Personal Nudie-Vision Goggles

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We've heard of airport employees abusing body scanners to get naughty looks at their coworkers, but now we're hearing that some security officials at a Nigerian airport might be using them like personal nudie-vision goggles.


According to a report by THISDAY, some airport employees at Lagos airport sneak off to the cubicle where the 3D full-body scanner monitors are located during off-peak hours and enjoy themselves:

They do so to catch a glimpse of some of the passengers entering the machine and immediately go back to view the naked images, in order to match the faces with the images since the faces are blurred on the monitors while passengers are inside the machine. The face that appears on the scanner's monitor is usually blurred so that the operator viewing the full body will not recognise who passes through the machine.

But by coming out to see the passenger in person and then going back to see his or her image, the objective of protecting the privacy of the passenger has been defeated.

While there's no evidence that such things are occurring at other airports, I'm definitely going to feel a bit awkward the next time I step through a body scanner. [All Africa via Gadling via Kashmir HIll]

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Privacy, schmivacy (sic). It's not written anywhere that we have the right to travel by plane. Don't like it? Take the bus.

There, I've channeled my inner Bill O'Reilly.