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N64 Emulator Hits Jailbroken iPhones, With Bluetooth Wiimote Support

Illustration for article titled N64 Emulator Hits Jailbroken iPhones, With Bluetooth Wiimote Support

Last month, ZodTTD, the guy who basically pioneered game emulation on the iPhone, promised us an N64 emulator. Today, that's exactly what he's delivered, with a bonus: Wiimote support, via Bluetooth.


Early reports—and this video—peg the app as slow and tough to control, even with the Wii attachment, which, if you've been following jailbreak game emulation on the iPhone at all, should sound familiar. What should also sound familiar are stories of how said emulators, after a few months of development, almost invariably become something completely different, subject to description by such exclusive adjectives as "playable" and even "OK." That n64iphone will get better one day is a matter of faith, but goddamnit, have hope!


n64iphone is available to jailbreakers in Cydia for $2.50—ROMs not included, obviously—which would be a fair price for a full-fledged N64 emulator, but feels a little high for what currently amounts to a very neat party trick. [EsferaiPhone]

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