Siemens Awes Autobahn Drivers With Spinning LED Christmas Star

Illustration for article titled Siemens Awes Autobahn Drivers With Spinning LED Christmas Star

With 9,000 LEDs, a little superglue and some holiday magic, Siemens and artist Michael Pendry teamed up to turn a wind turbine outside Munich into "the world's biggest revolving Christmas star." It uses as much energy as a hairdryer.


The Siemens SuperStar, which will stay spinning outside Munich through January 6th, was conceived as a project to celebrate sustainable energy and green innovation.

The SuperStar's 9000 OSRAM LEDs emit the equivalent of 22,000 candles, shining in a variety of colors and an array of spectacular patterns. Long exposure photography was used to capture the SuperStar as a vibrant spinning disk as seen above, not altogether unlike the one recently created by aliens over Norway. The video below details the process of constructing the SuperStar and shows some shots of the wheel in action.

Munich's Mayor, Christian Ude, has been an enthusiastic proponent of the energy-efficient spectacle from the start and hopes his city will be the first of its size to meet all energy requirements from renewable sources. [Siemens via Inhabitat]


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