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$70 Camcorder Weighs Just 18g, Measures 2-Inches In Length

Illustration for article titled $70 Camcorder Weighs Just 18g, Measures 2-Inches In Length

It won't win you any cinematography prizes, but at $70 it'd be easy to just throw in your bag or car for those moments when you really need to film something. Like when you see a hit and run.


Concord Keystone has squeezed its Easy Shot Clip camcorder down to just 2-inches in length and an inch in width, weighing just 18 grams. Take that, Flip Mino.

As expected, the resolution is only VGA quality at 640 x 480 pixels, but it does shoot sound in 30fps—not too bad, considering. You can record up to 2 hours of video on the 2GB flash memory, charging it via USB with either Windows 7, Vista or XP, or Max OS X 10.4.7 or later.


Out in February for the aforementioned $70, it's a shame it didn't go on sale before Christmas—it would've made a great stocking filler. [Concord Keystone via eCoustics]

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Chances are that if you see a hit and run that by the time you get out the camcorder and power it up it will be a hit and ran....or in more modern English hitted and ranned.