ProVision's AXAR Wireless HD Streaming Technology In TVs This Year

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The majors may've all banded together last year to create a wireless HD standard, but ProVision Communications has stepped out with its own with the AXAR1500 system which streams to AXAR and Wi-Fi TVs, PCs and phones.

It differs to normal wireless HD devices in that the AXAR system picks up the content from a Blu-ray player, PVR or HD set top box and sends wirelessly to a TV, PC or phone, instead of using the wireless network to do both the sending and receiving of the signal. A separate AXAR receiver will need to be bought for each TV, and the video will be encoded in H.264, with up to two streams supported.


ProVision is a relatively unheard of company, but has worked with Toshiba and TV networks in the past, with the AXAR system likely to be licensed out to OEMs. The English company is showing at CES, having won a competition with the government-sponsored UK Trade & Investment group.

A range of 900ft is boasted by ProVision, which sounds like an awful lot—maybe your neighbours will be able to pick up the signal too? The Axar system will supposedly be incorporated in TVs by the end of the year, presumably with Toshiba picking up the technology. [ProVision via UKTI]

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So can we shove this into the HDMI standard so we can finally get some wireless HDMI?