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Samsung Goes Orwell on the World with Its OLED ID card

For all the good things that leviathan Samsung comes up with, they have to spoil it somehow. Now, I'm not saying that the tech behind this ID card is teh bad, but it's the principle. Winston Smith, where are you?

The idea consists of an ID card with an AMOLED display that looks normal until you bring it up close to an RFID card reader. Then, Shazamalamadingdong! The display lights up, giving the stern border guard who's giving you the once over a 360-degree close up of your head. Then, I guess, depending on how much he likes the look of you, it's either on with the latex gloves and bend over you won't feel a thing, Mush, or thanks so much have a nice stay in our beautiful country.


[OLED-DIsplay News]

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Chances that having one of these will keep the guards in Tel Aviv from destroying your MacBook?

Still not good.