How Project Natal's Brain Taught Itself to Detect Human Bodies

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PopSci got an exclusive look into how Microsoft is creating a learning brain inside Project Natal to figure out just where your body is in front of your TV. It's impressive, to say the least.


Rather than programming by hand a way for the built-in computer in Natal to detect the thousands of ways the human body can move, they fed it thousands of shots of people in various poses. They also gave it mocapped video, which already had body points pinpointed. The resulting "brain," which is still under serious development, pinpoints about 30 body parts automatically and creates a wireform human figure 30 times a second.

It's fascinating stuff, so be sure to check out the full article. Natal should be out by the end of 2010. [PopSci]

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sammy baby

Here's the thing: Natal could very easily power the best goddamn "fitness game" out there. If you've done Wii Fit, you know that using the balance board thingy is great for some exercises, but doesn't make as much sense for others.

But this? You could be doing pushups and the trainer could tell you, "Watch your form - you're sticking your butt in the air."

Also, remember the arcade "hide and shoot" genre? Like Time Crisis? I am dying to play a game like that on this.

No wait, now I'm having visions of a keypad that straps on your wrist. You physically kneel down and watch your character in Mass Effect 2 duck behind cover. Start typing on your keypad and watch him monkey with his tech tool...

Okay, enough fapping. You get the idea. I want this bad.