Lenovo Lephone Looks Prettier Than the Nexus One

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When I saw the Lenovo's Android-based 3.7-inch touchscreen Lephone last week I was all smleh'ed. "Yet another touchscreen Android", I thought. Now, looking at the shiny marketing shots, I want to lick it, pant it, and rub it all day.


It seems to me that, it has more personality than the Nexus One superphone. I like how the keyboard attachment looks too, although I don't see myself using it. No announcement about its potential worldwide introduction yet. For now, it's China only. [Slashgear]

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Those damn Chinese are spying on my Gizmodo comments. This keyboard "attachment" concept is exactly what the non-keyboard equipped smart phones need as an option. Well, specifically I am referring to the quite-nearly-worthless Storm 2 which would benefit enormously with an add-on like this. Of course, why I even need to type this when the parent company is supposedly the mobile phone king of keyboards is beyond me.

This device does look pretty, and I agree - I love the keyboard add-on approach. I am just dumbfounded why more manufacturers are not doing this already.