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$30 Camera Dolly is the Quickest, Most Useful Ikea Hack I've Seen in a While

Illustration for article titled $30 Camera Dolly is the Quickest, Most Useful Ikea Hack Ive Seen in a While

If you're an amateur videographer who's trying to save a buck here or there, give this Ikea hack a shot. It'll leave you with a pretty cheap and—based on the test video—rather decent camera dolly


Basically all that's used for this hack is an Ivar shelving side unit, some nuts, a few bolts, and a couple skateboard wheels. Those parts, a bit of time, and you'll have a dolly like the one used to shoot this video:


Not bad for under $30, no? Check out Ikea Hacker for more details about the project. [Ikea Hacker via Make via CrunchGear]

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Very nice!

But, those are rollerblade wheels, not skateboard wheels. Not that it matters much though.