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ThermaHelm: Helmet Cools Biker's Brains In Case of Accident

Illustration for article titled ThermaHelm: Helmet Cools Bikers Brains In Case of Accident

Here's a pretty simple idea that may save a lot of lives: A motorbike helmet that cools down the rider's head in case of impact. According to the manufacturer, their new ThermaHelm prevents overheating and swelling of the brain.


They also claim that there are head injuries in 80% of all motorbike accidents. When that happens, the brain usually starts swelling. Traditional helmets act as insulators, and the brain's temperature may increase to the point in which it can cause death or permanent damage. The ThermaHelm prevents this by firing a chemical reaction on impact, which activates a layer that cools down the biker's head. [ThermaHelm]

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Really neat idea. I wonder what prevents it from going off if you just drop the helmet. I have accidentally dropped bike helmets in the past.