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Panasonic's Compact Interchangeable Video Camera Will Cost $10,000 in Japan This December

Illustration for article titled Panasonics Compact Interchangeable Video Camera Will Cost $10,000 in Japan This December

From glossy render to real product: Panasonic's micro four thirds camcorder has been formally announced in Japan, and will cost just under $10,000. That's the price you've gotta pay for the world's first mirrorless camcorder with interchangeable lenses.


It'll shoot full HD AVCHD video at 1080/60i or 1080/30p, and while the lenses will cost extra, at least you'll be able to use Panasonic's camera with it. We'd heard previously that it'll have two SDCX memory card slots, will be capable of recording up to 12 hours of video, and it'll also have XLR and HD-SDI sockets.


While the $10,000 price-tag will keep the AG-AF105 (or AG-AF100, if you're in Europe) firmly in the hands of pro-shooters, this is an exciting step forward for the photography world. [Akihabara News]

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Except it's not the first "mirrorless camcorder with interchangeable lenses".

First, there are no such things as "mirrored" camcorders (SLR camcorder? :-D).

It's not the first camera with interchangeable lenses, either. RED comes to mind.

It might be close to consumer grade, I guess, but Sony NEX-VG10 came before that.

It'll do 1080p as opposed to VG10s 1080i, which I guess might legitimize the $8000 price difference.

But the VG10 has a bigger sensor (APS-C size), so there's some one-upping there.