Another Nokia Exec Bites the Dust: Anssi Vanjoki

Just days after Nokia announced a new CEO and President in the form of Steve Elop, and key figurehead Anssi Vanjoki has declared his resignation. Vanjoki, who is the Executive Vice President, will be working out his notice for the next six months, and no doubt supporting Elop's transition from Microsoft to Nokia come the 21st. [WSJ]



Going back to the "CEO Search" post, here's my wishlist [and what I'd do in their positions] of Nokia:

Step 1: cut out the "let's make our own shitty in-house Linux OS bullshit". We don't need 20 different "smartphone" OSes running Linux.

Step 2: axe MeeGo, Moblin, etc etc etc development for Nokia handhelds

Step 2.5: cut back on Symbian - stop talking about how great "^4" will be when ^3 isn't even on shipping devices

Step 3: Invest in Android. Hell, invest in WP7, too. Blow the Nokia fanbase wild.

Step 4: Create devices that have PROPER QA and testing instead of rushing handhelds to market - where we have to wait at least 5-6 months after each Nokia phone's launch for a software revision that makes the phone not suck.